month to month

A Business Traveler’s Guide to Month-to-Month Housing

Welcome to Saint Petersburg, Florida—a place where business travelers find themselves amidst sunny skies, beautiful beaches, and vibrant city life. If you’re planning an extended stay, you might prefer something more homely than a hotel. That’s precisely what Aries Corporate Housing offers: cozy, furnished apartments with flexible leases, perfect for anyone staying a month or more.

Why Choose Furnished Apartments?

Aries Corporate Housing simplifies your stay by offering apartments that are ready for living. Imagine walking into a place that instantly feels like home, complete with comfortable furniture, a kitchen for your meals, and a living room to unwind in after a busy day. Everything is set up, allowing you to settle in without sweating the small stuff.

Home-like Amenities

What sets Aries Corporate Housing apart isn’t just the comfortable fully furnished apartments but also the thoughtful amenities. High-speed internet and a dedicated workspace? Check. A gym and a pool for your leisure time? Absolutely. These features aren’t just bonuses; they’re essentials that make your stay enjoyable, letting you maintain your work-life balance effortlessly.

Flexible Leases for Busy Travelers

Business plans can change unexpectedly. Aries Corporate Housing understands this, offering leases that adapt to your ever-changing schedule. Whether you need to extend your stay or move to a different apartment in Saint Petersburg, we can accommodate your needs smoothly, ensuring you always have a fantastic place to call home.

Explore Saint Petersburg Like a Local

Choosing Aries Corporate Housing means you’re not just visiting—you’re living like a local. Our apartments are near Saint Petersburg’s best spots, from sun-kissed beaches to delicious dining and entertainment options. We’ll even share local tips, helping you discover the city’s hidden gems during your stay.

Simple and Stress-Free

We are dedicated to making your stay straightforward and stress-free. From booking to departure, they handle the details so you can concentrate on your work and enjoying what Saint Petersburg has to offer. This commitment to service is what makes our housing solutions a top choice for business travelers.

In Saint Petersburg, Florida, Aries Corporate Housing is your go-to for a comfortable, convenient place to stay. With our furnished apartments, exceptional amenities, and flexible leases, you’ll have everything you need to make your business trip feel like a bit of a vacation, too. Welcome home!